This section provides a summary of the “Gainerlaw” approach to providing legal services described next in the “Practice Areas”: (•) speaking and writing in plain English to both clients and their counterparts while working in each of the “practice areas” described in the next linked tab; (•) acting with firmness in disputes between my clients and their opponents or adversaries without creating unnecessary bad feelings that merely makes “ego-driven” lawyers feel good, prevents good settlements and increases my client’s attorney fees.

This section provides a summary of the range of “Gainerlaw” legal services: (•) in the “problem prevention  stage”, advising and working on business formations, negotiations and contract creation, and residential and commercial real estate development and purchasing and leasing transactions; (•) in the “problem cure stage” or “dispute resolution stage”, acting with firmness toward client opponents in disputes arising in business and real estate without creating unneeded bad feelings that merely prevent good settlements, feed attorney egos,  and increase attorney fees.

Please enjoy and feel free to pass on to others these articles on various legal areas in which I have worked with my clients over the years. They are intended not only to be helpful as initial guidance to various issues which lawyers work on, but also to be “no-nonsense” and without “no-legal-gobbledygook”, written in “plain English”, accessible with the free “Adobe Reader”. I think they reflect the “Gainerlaw” approach to providing legal services.

Happy clients express their gratitude for my legal services.

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