Business Formations

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

People in business are now faced with the ‘opportunity’ to create business forms using do-it-yourself kits available in books or through the internet at a cost that is a fraction of what a competent and experienced business attorney would charge for a tailored and one-on-one service for a client. And often the ‘product’ of the do-it-yourself kit resembles large parts of the tailored product. So why hire an attorney for one-on-one service and pay ten times or twenty times more? For these reasons:

A significant part of my work, much more time consuming and hence fee-producing than initially forming businesses, is ‘curing’ or ‘repairing’ the problems of clients who formed a business without competent attorney advice and follow-up. These ‘cures’ and ‘repairs’ often involve

---     dealing with federal or government agencies (such as the Internal Revenue Service) which get involved because of defects in structuring of the business form;

---     dealing with a dispute between the business co-owners or their customers or suppliers over situations which should not have arisen had the business been formed with attention to a good attorney’s advice.