Contract Negotiating, Writing, Reviewing


I speak to people and I write agreements or letters in 'plain English' and in an easy-tofollow manner. So I find that my clients’ opponents or counter-parts AND their attorneys tend to approve my negotiation proposals and follow-up written agreements even when these are 'tough' in favor of my clients. A major reason the people fear or dislike lawyers is because of the concern that lawyers will ‘trick’ them into agreeing to something they don’t understand and don’t want to commit to.

The biggest fear adults have is in being ‘bullied’ by being ‘fooled’, and then being embarrassed in front of others or within themselves later. Since I write in a direct clear style on behalf of my clients their opponents or counter-parties are not prejudiced by such fears in dealing with me; they feel they are being treated honestly and with respect and they ‘own’ what they are committing to with my clients.