Testimonials For Stephen Gainer’s Legal Services

Gainer 3

As the owner of a concession / lease department at one of the top specialty retail stores in the country, founded in 1966, I took over that department in 1988, with locations in San Francisco, and Stanford, California.

The original owner had to declare for bankruptcy in 2008, due to untimely expansion. I adapted to the “new retail environment" with success. New owners from Connecticut, a very successful family, purchased both stores, and kept me and my 7 employee's, but of course we needed to renegotiate our contract. We used the template of my original agreement, and tweaked it, an understatement, it was a grueling, battle, but we finally arrived at a mutually acceptable conclusion.

Steve Gainer was the lead man for me, and dealt with two top level law firms that represented the new owners, one in NY, one in Chicago. I want to tell you that not only was he there for me at all hours, some 5am, and 11pm, as we received documents from two different time zones, and at times had serious time constraints. Not only was he the consummate professional, he provided many key issue ideas, and language that was brilliant ( for me ). I would give Steve an A+++

Mr Jody Wilson
President / Owner
Wilson and Dean Shoes Inc.

Gainer 6

Steve Gainer was called in to help a client to whom I provide financial advice. The client was involved in a bitter fight over a common home lot boundary with a neighbor who had sued and with whom the client had previous neighbor-to-neighbor disputes.

Steve was very quick and thorough in filing his response to the lawsuit and then he managed to settle it on very good terms for my client. He writes in a very simple manner but “covers all bases”, so it was easy for everyone to understand the settlement terms and feel comfortable in agreeing to these.

He even looked to the future and managed to creatively develop a system, as part of the settlement agreement, so that any future disputes with the neighbor could be first be placed into a settlement procedure before any expensive lawsuits were begun. Both the client and I found Steve to be very down-to-earth and easy to work with during the whole difficult experience, and he avoided unnecessary frictions with the neighbor’s lawyer which helped to reach the settlement

Finally, Steve’s billings for his attorney fees were very thorough and transparent in explaining how he spent the time billed for, which was very reassuring.”

James Nakamine
Senior Financial Services Representative
CA Insurance License # 0507851
Principal Financial Group

Gainer 2

I have known Steve Gainer on a professional level for almost 30 years. Steve has always handled my clients needs in a professional and prompt manner. Most of all he has taken time to research the issues of each client need or request and has followed up quickly when needed. One aspect that Steve has followed through with that has been immensely important with my clients is his true care of matters that are sensitive and confidential.

Steve gets to know the clients and handles them in a matter that helps them feel secure and confident that he understands their concerns and requirements. His experience and expertise is really important with the various clients that I deal with and I am never hesitant to contact Steve or refer him to my clients as the first professional to contact.

I look to Steve for all my legal needs!

Frank Vella
SF HomeLife, Inc
Starboard TCN Worldwide Real Estatetz

Gainer 9

Stephen Gainer is a high quality counselor who endeavors to resolve issues (when possible) without the costly process of litigation. Steve is reliable, trustworthy, and provides excellent client-communication.

I have used Steve in several matters, and have had the pleasure of referring clients to Steve when they have issues surrounding business transactions, business disputes, and real estate.

Steve is a pleasure to work with — a quality counselor and a great person.

Finally, Steve’s billings for his attorney fees were very thorough and transparent in explaining how he spent the time billed for, which was very reassuring.”

Christopher J. Catapano, CFA, CPA
Bridgesphere Strategic Advisors
A Boutique Business Consulting Firm
San Francisco, California

Gainer 8

As a freelance bookkeeper, one of the ways that I add value to my clients is through my business referrals. I have referred Stephen Gainer to a number of my clients and have always gotten a very favorable response.

One of the best compliments that I can remember is that " Stephen cuts through the bs. He doesn't throw a lot of legalize at us. He's straight forward and above board".

I am always happy to have Stephen's name in my book of referrals for my top clients.

April Gobershock
Advantage Accounting dba april.books

Gainer 4

Since I was referred to Stephen I am glad to have a real puncher in my corner. I needed a business attorney several years ago and was very pleased when I worked with Stephen. We sat down and discussed my situation and it was very refreshing to deal with a realist that did not babble legalese.

He was down to earth giving me viable options without confusion. I knew that he was not going to pad his time with unnecessary things. He was concise and is very reliable. I was very pleased with my consultations and have since referred him to several of my closest friends, who have already used his services and were happy.

Chris Wilson
Breakpoint Sales
Greenbrae, CA. 94904

Gainer 7

I have relied upon Steve's tact, diligence, level-headedness and conciseness in resolving stressful conflicts. In the past nine years Steve has also guided me on business structuring, lending and real estate matters, client management and contracts. He is always the first person I turn to if I need or even think I may need legal assistance.

Steve fiercely advocates for his clients and always has his clients' future needs in mind. Steve believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and I could not agree more. If you want to smoothly resolve pressing legal problems and also prevent legal issues in the future contact Steve!

I am always happy to have Stephen's name in my book of referrals for my top clients.

Mark M.
A Business Man