Consultations and Advice

On legal problems and opportunities in business and real estate

Often new and current clients come to me without having in mind a particular contract or other document they want reviewed or written, or a particular business entity to be formed, or a dispute which has now ripened into a lawsuit. They just want advice on current or anticipated goals or problems.

In giving such advice, I respect my clients in terms of where they come from in their life experiences and where they want to go in working with me to fashion the best solutions for them, whether for example to form a partnership by written agreement, form a corporation, form a limited liability company, or go on in their businesses without such business formations. I value their insights into the business and real estate problems they bring to me; they often know a lot more about the practical aspects of their situations than I would know. I assume they are experienced and wise enough to recognize and appreciate someone who has had needed training and who is competent and they don’t need to hear lots of technical ‘legalese’ jargon tossed to them to impress them that they are being helped by a competent and wise professional.

So, my feedback from clients has been that I am easy to talk to and that I make their business problems or real estate purchase or sale problems or neighbor dispute problems, etc. easy for them to analyze and I make the solutions (or reasons for no solutions) easy for them to understand.